By Andreas Maciocci

Short, Thriller, 21 min, Switzerland, 2013

In a dramatic future, generated by indifference and selfishness, human beings are waiting on an illusory opportunity to change things. One that can only come from the power that dominates them. In the bunker they live in, forced into a life with no light and no air, hundreds of human beings are prisoners of a powerful group that through an imposture is keeping them alive just for their own survival. One of the prisoners, realizing the trap, will find a way to prove it to the others by creating the conditions for a rebellion.

Directed by: Andreas Maciocci
Written by: Andreas Maciocci

With: Toni Pandolfo, Adele Raes, Massimiliano Zampetti, Claudio Lobbia, Daniele Conserva, Jordi Poncini, Gabriele Ranghetti, Stefano Mosimann

Cinematographer: Valentina Provini
Editor: Andreas Maciocci, Kathrin Plüss
Recording Sound Mix: Victor H. Fumagalli
Music: Victor H. Fumagalli

Production: Aura Film
Coproduction: CISA Conservatorio Internazionale ScienzeAudiovisive, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

Supported by: Inmage Alberto Meroni, Cineddoke, Ufficio federale della cultura (UFC), Repubblica e Cantone Ticino – FilmPlus della Svizzera italiana

World Sales / World Rights
World Rights: Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive